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Twitter Will Collapse — Get Out Now

Twitter was my favorite watering hole, a digital bar where I could commiserate and speak of grand ideas.
Twitter Will Collapse — Get Out Now
Photo by Micah Williams / Unsplash

In the early 1990s, I discovered something wonderful: Internet Relay Chat (IRC). It was the very first chat group system for the Internet and for the first time in history, we humans could talk to each other electronically in real-time.

It was wonderful and there were so many great groups you could join, filled with people that were interested in the same subject matter you were. That’s what made the Internet great, you had the ability to connect with people all over the world who liked what you liked.

I made so many digital friends from all parts of the country and world, of which I still talk to some today. Why? Because IRC gave us another way to connect with each other that was innocent and pure.

Over the years the Internet matured and we began to silo up websites into social media platforms. Twitter came along and I joined right away, that was over 15 years ago. I liked the public banter and all the links and news that were shared. It became my go-to breaking news site and I’ve made tons of friends over the years there.

Now? It’s turned into a creeping fascist cesspool, all thanks to Elon Musk.

He’s destroying one of the best public squares in history because of his ego.

His ego and pride blinded him to what made Twitter great — although not that profitable — over the years. He took a wonderful social media organism, shot it in the head, and complained that it was not working to his liking.

What did you expect Elon? What did you expect when you laid half of your team and then forced the rest to work 80+ hours a week?

No. Sorry. This isn’t going to work. Advertisers and people are fleeing elsewhere. I’ve started the migration to Mastodon, a real decentralized platform.

You’re not a smart businessman. You were never a smart businessman. You’re just a rich troll and petulant man-child.

Am I upset? Yes. I’m upset that I will lose a lot of my Tweeple as I go through the migration. I will lose many good friends I’ve made and all the great conversations I’ve had there over the years.

Twitter was my favorite watering hole, a digital bar where I could commiserate and speak of grand ideas. I found my tribe there but like all good things, it must end.

Friends, it’s time to go. Make your plans for greener pastures and let Twitter be a $44 billion anchor around Elon’s neck.

It’s been fun and I’ll miss you.